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Ten years in the making. Erin met Don in 2010 through her then-partner, Khalil, who had become one of Don's motorcycle racing buddies. Soon after, a tragic accident stole Khalil away from them and Don's friendship became a source of strength. Years of companionship brought them closer together and while Don was interested, his gallant respect for the friend they'd shared prevented him from asking Erin out. Instead, he introduced her to a buddy who lured her away from Seattle. They both got dogs named Bridger. When they were finally reunited in the Pacific Northwest, the spark they had long denied finally started to kindle. Since then, they’ve remodeled a tiny house on the river, adopted a fluffy child who isn’t named Bridger, skied, biked, climbed, and moved across the country together. Don proposed to Erin at his favorite spot on Flathead Lake and they were happily married in Whitefish on August 29, 2020. 

2020-03-21 Erin and Don - Engagements -
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Thank you to those who traveled from near and far to celebrate with us, and for allowing us a tiny bit of COVID-free normalcy in the unprecedented times of 2020. Thank you for loving us, for supporting us, and for keeping each other safe. Whether in person or in spirit, from home, or from heaven, your presence on our wedding day meant everything. With our love and deepest gratitude, thank you for reveling with us. 

2020-08-29 Erin and Don - Whitefish MT W